Hawkshead Relish Review

I have thoroughly enjoyed carrying out this Hawkshead Relish Review. Using a trio of fantastic, handmade preserves as ingredients was a challenge and that is what I thrive on.

FF Hawkshead Relish Review
Hawkshead Relish Review Red Onion Marmalade delicious as a condiment.

Traditionally I have used chutneys and Red Onion Marmalade as a condiment. Now I was tasked with incorporating three separate preserves in new recipes!

I was sent three different, savoury preserves by Hawkshead Relish.

  • 2 Jars of Red Onion Marmalade – deliciously different to usual onion marmalades. Cooked with balsamic vinegar and added pine nuts, I adored both the flavour and texture of this marmalade. This is not a sticky sweet marmalade, it is packed with deep onion flavour, punctuated by occasional sweet sultanas and the nutty flavour of pine nuts. As an ingredient 10/10 as a condiment 10/10!
  • I Jar of Windermere Pale Real Ale Jelly – gloriously pale gold, clear jelly. Sweet but not overwhelmingly so, as the ale taste really comes through and the slight bitterness tempers the jelly. A real surprise, as I’d not tried a jelly like this before. Made using ale made at the Hawkshead Brewery, light and fruity in flavour, it was a dream to use. As an ingredient 10/10 as a condiment 9/10 dropping a mark as I prefer a more textured accompaniment.
  • 1 Jar of Hot Garlic Pickle – packed full of garlic cloves in a hot spicy sauce. Personally I would not eat this as a condiment, however, if you are a real garlic lover, then this is the perfect pickle for you. When used as an ingredient this pickle transforms into the most wonderful rich, hot, spicy, garlic flavour, that can be as intense as you want. An absolute dream to use as an ingredient 10/10 as a condiment 5/10.
FF Hawkshead Relish Review
Feta Red Onion Marmalade Quiche utterly delicious.

My first venture was making this Feta Red Onion Marmalade Quiche. The different layers of flavour in the quiche are so exciting on the palette. Warmed, the Red Onion Marmalade flavour itself becomes more vibrant, contrasting beautifully with the mild, slightly salty feta cheese. This quiche has become a firm favourite in our house.

Hawkshead Relish Review
Red Onion Sausage Plait perfect for picnics or as a tasty mid week meal.

Red Onion Sausage Plait is so simple to make, yet the finished flavour will have your tastebuds singing. Can tastebuds sing ūüėČ? It is so important to use good quality sausage meat, as the meaty flavours work so well with with the flavour and texture of this delicious Red Onion Marmalade.

FF Hawkshead Relish Review
Roasted Ale Jelly Tomatoes unbelievably good.

These Roasted Ale Jelly Tomatoes are so simple and yet this has to be my favourite recipe, if forced to choose. Please don’t make me choose?¬†

To make: Roasted Ale Jelly Tomatoes

  • Cut a dozen, or thereabouts, medium tomatoes in half. I used economy tomatoes from the supermarket.
  • Place them on a baking tray cut side up.
  • Spoon 1/2 a teaspoon of Pale Ale Jelly on top of each tomato.
FF Hawkshead Relish Review
Very firm, not particularly flavourful tomatoes.
  • Drizzle over a little olive oil, sprinkle lightly with sea salt flakes (I use¬†Maldon ) and freshly ground pepper.
  • Place into a preheated oven at 180C/160C fan, gas mark 4 and bake for 1-1.5 hours until softened and slightly caramelised.
  • When cooked remove from the oven and serve on a platter with some shredded basil leaves. Eat smeared on to some very fresh baguettes, or alongside quiche, sausage plait, chicken, fish.
FF Hawkshead Relish Review
Hawkshead Relish Review these Roasted Ale Jelly Tomatoes have become my new favourite side dish.

Warning once you’ve made these Roasted Ale Jelly Tomatoes once you will find more and more reasons to make them. Such a simple recipe, yet it turns even underripe, flavourless tomatoes into a taste sensation. I cannot wait to try it on our home grown tomatoes later this year. A tasty side to many meals.

Another brilliant use for the Real Ale Jelly was adding a couple of spoonfuls to a beef cooked in ale casserole. Added right at the end, just before serving, the sweet, fresh flavour of the jelly lifted the casserole and balanced out any bitter notes from the cooked beer.

Finally to the Hot Garlic Pickle. To be truthful this pickle was indeed a pickle for me! I was stumped as to what I should make with it. The weather was very hot and whilst I knew the spicy garlic would be wonderful in soups, stews and curries, my heart simply wasn’t into cooking a large, hot meal. During the summer we practically live on salad.

Also, to be honest, the strong, pungent aroma of the pickle wasn’t inspiring me. Until one day. I had some pretty hot chilli’s and I figured I’d go with the hot, spicy, garlic flavour, rather than trying to tame it.

FF Hawkshead Relish Review
Hawkshead Relish Review Hot Spicy Garlic Cheese Straws.

Thus, my Hot Spicy Garlic Cheese Straws were born. Whilst not overly ¬†keen on the pickle as a condiment, used in these delicious cheese straws, alongside spicy Parmesan cheese and hot jalape√Īo peppers, the flavour shines. These are THE best cheese straws I have ever made and it is worth having a jar of this pickle on hand simply to make these!

Recipe: Hot Spicy Garlic Cheese Straws makes 16-18

500g Homemade Perfect Butter Shortcrust Pastry

1 Free Range Egg – beaten

3tsp Hot Garlic a Pickle from – Hawkshead Relish

75g Finely Grated Parmesan Cheese

1 Jalape√Īo Pepper – membrane and seeds removed and finely diced

Method: Preheat the oven to 220C/200C fan, gas mark 7

  • Line a large baking tray with a silicone baking mat or baking parchment.
  • Lightly dust a clean worktop with flour and place the pastry on top.
  • Roll the pastry into a rectangular shape – roughly 35cm x 25cm (14″ x 10″).
  • Ensure the pastry can move and is not stuck on to the worktop.
  • Trim the edges with a knife and then brush egg over the surface of the pastry.
  • Spoon 3 teaspoons of the Hot Garlic Pickle over the pastry and spread to create a thin layer.
FF Hawkshead Relish Review
Hot Spicy Garlic Cheese Straws in the making.
  • Sprinkle over the grated Parmesan cheese and finely chopped chilli.
  • Fold the bottom half of the pastry over the top half. Gently run a rolling pin over the top to ensure both halves are pressed together.
  • Cut just over¬†1cm (1/2″) strips using a sharp knife and make sure it cuts all the way through.
  • Transfer the cheese straws to the lined baking tray.
  • Place in the top of a preheated oven and bake for 20-30 minutes, until golden and crispy.
FF Hawkshead Relish Review
Hawkshead Relish Review Hot Spicy Garlic Cheese Straws.
  • Once the cheese straws are baked remove from the oven.
  • Enjoy the inviting, warm garlic and cheese aroma!
  • Allow to cool for 5 minutes before serving immediately.
FF Hawkshead Relish Review
Hawkshead Relish Review Hot Spicy Garlic Cheese Straws.

These Hot Spicy Garlic Cheese Straws are incredibly good served warm (my favourite) or cold. Perfect for sharing with friends over drinks, at parties, or snacking on whilst watching your favourite game, on the telly, with the family.

I really urge you to use the pastry recipe given. These cheese straws are somewhere between flaky and shortcrust pastry. This texture really adds to their flavour, however, if you aren’t keen on pastry making, I would use bought, all butter puff pastry as a substitute.

Carrying out the Hawkshead Relish Review has been a challenge, but a challenge I have enjoyed. Each product I reviewed imparted so much flavour when used as an ingredient, I will definitely be using more of their delicious chutneys, marmalades and jellies in future recipes.

I have also learnt not to judge an ingredient on first appearance. The Hot Garlic Pickle completely transformed once cooked and everyone agreed the cheese straws were the best they’d ever tasted. Layers of Red Onion Marmalade in the quiche created an amazing flavour sensation and lastly but by no mean least, the Pale Ale Jelly. Wow! The roasted tomatoes were incredibly good. Slow roasting and the addition of the jelly meant intense, but not overwhelming flavour.

If you have enjoyed my Hawkshead Relish Review you make like these recipes:

Easy Crusty Baguettes

FF Hawkshead Relish Review
Easy Crusty Baguettes

Asparagus Prosciutto Ham Tart

FF Hawkshead Relish Review
Asparagus Prosciutto Ham Tart

Mini Sparkenhoe Red Leicester Tarts

FF Hawkshead Relish Review
Mini Sparkenhoe Red Leicester Tarts

Whatever you are making, baking and creating in your kitchens, I hope this post has inspired you to Embellish With Relish? A phrase used by Hawkshead Relish to inspire people to be more creative with their products.

Sammie xx

Hawkshead Relish provided me with the relishes listed for the purposes of this revie. All opinions, views, content, recipes and photography are my own. I was not paid to write this review post, please see my Disclosure Policy.

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Mr Sherick’s Milkshake Review

Who doesn’t love a thick, creamy, ice cold milkshake? I know I do! So when asked to try a few shakes made by Mr Sherick’s and maybe create a recipe or two I leapt at the chance. Enjoy my Mr Sherick’s Milkshake Review, plus a bonus GIVEAWAY!

FF Mr Sherick's Milkshake Review
Cookies and Cream shake with cookies of course!

The very nice people at¬†Mr Sherick’s sent me 5 different, luxury shakes to try. They were packaged well in a cool bag with an ice pack.

Cookies and Cream – A creamy, thick, luxurious vanilla shake with real pieces of cookie and belgian chocolate chips.

This was the first milkshake I tried, I also happened to have baked some¬†Rolo Chocolate Cookies which accompanied it perfectly. Thick, creamy, vanilla shake with real pieces of cookie and chocolate in the shake. Absolutely delicious with great texture, this shake was a little rich – that didn’t stop me from finishing the bottle though ūüėČ. A firm 9/10

FF Mr Sherick's Milkshake Review
Hint of Mint Milkshake churned into ice cream!

Hint of Mint – A creamy, thick, luxurious, chocolate shake, made with real chocolate and mint choc chips added.

After a quick taste of this thick, chocolate shake with delicious pieces of mint choc chips, I knew I wanted to turn it into an ice cream. The shake has a deep chocolate flavour that allows the mint to be, as the label suggests, a hint. Very refreshing. Turning it into Mint Chocolate Milkshake Ice Cream takes it to another level, with the mint still coming through after the initial chocolate taste.

Whether drunk as a shake or turned into ice cream, Hint of Mint is my personal favourite amongst all the flavours I tried. No question a definite 10/10.

FF Mr Sherick's Milkshake Review
Strawberry Pavolva Milkshake with real pieces of meringue.

Strawberry Pavlova – Made with real strawberry juice and pulp this luxuriously thick, creamy shake contains real pieces of meringue.

I have to say that this Strawberry Pavlova shake is so pretty to look at. I don’t know how they do it, but if you look in the glass there really are pieces of meringue suspended throughout the¬†entire shake. Of all the shakes, this for me was the sweetest and tasted exactly like strawberry milkshake should. Whilst I enjoyed the sensation of meringue pieces in the shake, it was, just a tiny bit too sweet for my palette. So a firm 9/10, only dropping a mark for the extra sweetness.

FF Mr Sherick's Milkshake Review
Choc Chip Latte delicious with chocolate drizzled shortbread cookies.

Choc Chip Latte – Coffee flavoured, luxurious thick, creamy shake with Belgian chocolate chips.

Ooh if you like coffee then you will love this shake. Luxuriously thick and creamy, with a strong, yet not overpowering coffee flavour, added Belgian chocolate chips simply send this shake over the top. I imagine this shake would also make a very good ice cream or gelato. No question about it a firm 10/10.

Finally as part of my Mr Sherick’s Milkshake Review I wanted to try something new. Having made a lot of ice creams this summer, all made with a custard base and churned, I decided to make a gelato. This was a huge gamble for me. I had one bottle of milkshake left, what if it didn’t work?

Read on to see what happened and how you could win a cool bag full of Mr Sherick’s utterly delicious, luxury shakes.

Pot au Choc – Luxuriously thick, creamy, deepy chocolate milkshake, made with real chocolate and added Belgian chocolate chips.

Pot au Chocolate¬†Gelato – an incredibly creamy, rich chocolate ice cream, that’s made without using an egg custard base and does not need churning in an ice cream maker.

Recipe: Make approx 1l Pot au Chocolate Gelato

250ml Bottle Pot au Choc Milkshake made by Mr Shericks Shakes

300mls Double Cream

397g Tin Condensed Milk – I used Carnation

50g Dark Belgian Chocolate finely chopped

Method: You will need a 1 litre plus freezer proof tub with lid

  • Pour the condensed milk into a large bowl.
FF Mr Sherick's Milkshake Review
Mr Sherick’s Milkshake Review making the Pot au Chocolate Gelato.
  • Add the double cream and whisk until it starts to thicken.
  • As it starts to thicken, with the whisk still running, slowly pour in the Mr Sherick’s Pot au Choc shake.
FF Mr Sherick's Milkshake Review
Mr Sherick’s Milkshake Review, whisking in the Pot au Choc Shake.
  • Continue whisking until the mixture can hold a figure of eight for 5 seconds. The unfrozen gelato will be thick and airy, but not as thick as whipped cream.
  • Pour the gelato mix into a freezer proof container.
  • Add two thirds of the chopped chocolate and swirl through using a wooden spoon handle. Then add the remaining chocolate to the top.
FF Mr Sherick's Milkshake Review
Mr Sherick’s Milkshake Review Pot au Chocolate Gelato ready for the freezer.
  • Pop on a tight fitting lid and place in the freezer for 24 hours.
  • 24 hours later, once the gelato is frozen, remove from the freezer and allow to sit at room temperature for 10 minutes.
  • Scoop the Pot au Chocolate Gelato into jazzed up ice cream cones. And enjoy ūüėČ
FF Mr Sherick's Milkshake Review
Pot au Chocolate Gelato ooh so good.

Yes this gelato made with Mr Sherick’s Pot au Choc Shake is absolutely phenomenal!

FF Mr Sherick's Milkshake Review
Mr Sherick’s Milkshake Review Pot au Chocolate Gelato easy to make and easier to eat!

Having tasted the Pot au Choc shake prior to making this gelato, I found it to be rich, creamy and deeply chocolatey, with little nuggets of Belgian chocolate. It is  a firm 10/10.

My advice with this Pot au Choc or any of the shakes is to buy two bottles. One to drink straight away, as they are outstanding shakes and another to turn into ice cream or gelato at home.

Mr Sherick’s Shakes are the epitomy of milkshake luxury. Delightful, creamy flavours with added texture, they are by far the very best shakes I have ever tried.

If you have enjoyed my Mr Sherick’s Milkshake Review, especially the ice creams, here are some other recipes you may like:

Blackberry Chocolate Chunk Ice Cream

FF Mr Sherick's Milkshake Review
Blackberry Chocolate Chunk Ice Cream

Strawberry Ripple Ice Cream

FF Mr Sherick's Milkshake Review
Strawberry Ripple Ice Cream

Lemon Ripple Ice Cream

FF Mr Sherick's Milkshake Review
Lemon Ripple Ice Cream

If you could have any flavour milkshake what would it be???

Ooh this is so exciting. Mr Sherick’s are running a giveaway to win a cool bag filled with their luxurious shakes. Please read below for details and I wish all of you the very best.

Sammie xx

Mr Sherick’s¬† supplied me with 5 bottles of their shakes for this review. All opinions, views, content and photographs are my own. I was not paid to write this post and the giveaway is the reponsibility of Mr Sherick’s. Please see my Disclosure Policy.

Giveaway T’s & C’s

This giveaway is open to UK residents only.

For your chance to win a Mr Sherick’s cool bag filled with shakes you need to retweet the pinned giveaway posts of both @sammiefeasting and @MrShericks on Twitter.

The giveaway will run from 7pm GMT today 13/07/2016 until midnight on Sunday 17/07/2016. No retweets after the deadline will be included.

The winner will be chosen at random by Mr Sherick’s. Their decision is final and responsibility for this giveaway is theirs alone. For more information please see Mr Sherick’s website.



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Beauvale Cheese Walnut Scones

For someone who genuinely did not like scones, I have been baking rather a lot of them recently. I have concluded that homemade, or well made bakery scones, are a million miles away from the prepackaged, heavy, scones of my past. During my recent scone bake-a-thon I adapted my Super Light Scones recipe to create an all butter version, which makes the most delicious savoury scones. Welcome my Beauvale Cheese Walnut Scones.

FF Beauvale Cheese Walnut Scones
Beauvale Cheese Walnut Scones fabulous served warm.

These Beauvale Cheese Walnut Scones are incredibly tasty and two out of our three children loved them. Let me add that they would not eat blue cheese on a cracker. A massive win for me as a mum!

FF Beauvale Cheese Walnut Scones
Beauvale Cheese Walnut Scones perfect for lunch, picnics or just because they are so good!

Truly though, their taste is a reflection of just how much delicious flavour is packed into these scones. The salty melted Beauvale Cheese, against an all butter scone, with the crunch of toasted walnuts and balanced with just a hint of honey.

I bet you didn’t see that last ingredient coming?

Blue cheese and honey pair beautifully together and at first I was going to caramelise the toasted walnuts in honey. However, I decided that I wanted the sweet honey to be no more than a kiss on our tastebuds.

FF Beauvale Cheese Walnut Scones
Beauvale Cheese Walnut Scones a buttery cheesy scone with added crunch.

Beauvale Cheese is a soft blue cheese, that doesn’t have the intensity of Stilton. Beautiful eaten with bread or crackers and served on a cheese board, this cheese comes alive when baked in the scones. Warm and melted, it has a rounder, salty and buttery flavour that blends nicely with the toasted walnuts and that little hint of honey.

Try these Beauvale Cheese Walnut Scones, they are incredibly simple to make and are perfect for using up leftover cheese.

Recipe: Makes 12-14 Beauvale Cheese Walnut Scones

50g/2oz Walnut Pieces or Halves

450g/1lb Plain White Flour

3tsp Baking Powder

75g/3oz Very Cold Unsalted Butter

125g/4.5oz Beauvale Cheese – mine was from Pong Cheese

250mls/9fl oz Milk – Whole or Semi Skimmed

3tbsp Milk for glazing the tops of the scones

3tsp Runny Honey

1/4tsp Sea Salt – I use Maldon

1/4tsp Freshly Ground Black Pepper

Method: Preheat the oven to 220C/200C fan, gas mark 7

  • In a dry iron skillet or frying pan add the walnut pieces and place over a medium until lightly toasted. You will just be able to start smelling the wonderful walnut oils. Remove from the heat and set to one side to cool.
  • Into a large bowl sift the flour and baking powder.
  • Add the sea salt and pepper.
  • Using the large grating side of a box grater, grate the very cold cheese straight onto the flour – I find it easier to have my bowl on digital scales.
  • Cover the butter with flour, using a butter knife and separate any clumps, so that the butter is evenly distributed.
FF Beauvale Cheese Walnut Scones
Grated cold butter covered in seasoned flour.
  • Next break off chunks of the Beauvale Cheese and drop them into the bowl.
FF Beauvale Cheese Scones
Golden Beauvale Cheese with a ripple of blue.
  • Using a butter knife flick the flour over the cheese so that it is covered. This will stop it from clumping together.
  • Chop the walnuts roughly and add to the bowl. Stir with the butter knife to distribute evenly.
  • In a jug add 2 teaspoons of honey to the milk. Whisk briefly to disolve the honey.
  • Make a well in the centre of the bowl and pour the milk/honey mixture in.
  • Use the butter knife to briefly stir the ingredients and then use your hand to bring them together into a rough dough.
  • The trick to creating the lightest scones is to handle them as little as possible and only very lightly flour the worktop on which you roll and cut them out.
  • On a lightly flour dusted worktop tip out your scone dough and flatten with your hands so that it is 5cm/2″ deep.
  • Use a rolling pin to gently roll the dough to 2.5cm/1″ thickness.
FF Beauvale Cheese Walnut Scones
Gently roll the scone dough out.
  • Line a large baking tray with baking parchment or a silicone baking mat.
  • Using a 7cm/3″ cutter press straight down and cut out the scones. If you twist the cutter as you cut the scones it can cause uneven rising.
  • Add the last teaspoon of honey to the milk, stir and then brush the tops of the scones.
FF Beauvale Cheese Walnut Scones
Beauvale Cheese Walnut Scones ready to be baked.
  • Place the scones in the top of the preheated oven and bake for 20-25minutes, until they are risen and golden brown in colour.
  • Once baked remove the scones from the oven and place on a cooling rack – be careful as they will be hot!
FF Beauvale Cheese Walnut Scones
Beauvale Cheese Walnut Scones inhale their wonderful aroma as they come out of the oven.

These utterly delicious Beauvale Cheese Walnut Scones are perfect served warm, split with butter, a little extra cheese (the contrast between the cold and baked cheese is delicious), or just on their own. They taste great cold and so are perfect for packed lunches, picnics and afternoon tea.

Due to the higher fat content, the scones will last 3-4 days in an airtight container and I have successfully frozen similar scones for up to one month. To refresh, defrost and place in a warm oven for 5-10 minutes and they’ll taste as though they’ve been freshly baked.

FF Beauvale Cheese Walnut Scones
Beauvale Cheese Walnut Scones a delicious savoury treat!


If you have enjoyed this Beauvale Cheese Walnut Scones recipe here are some others you may also like:

Asparagus Proscuitto Ham Tart

FF Beauvale Cheese Walnut Scones
Asparagus Prosciutto Ham Tart with Goddess Cheese

Feta Red Onion Marmalade Quiche

FF Beauvale Cheese Walnut Scones
Feta Red Onion Marmalade Quiche

Goddess Cheese Pine Nut Muffins

FF Beauvale Cheese Walnut Scones
Goddess Cheese Pine Nut Muffins

There are so many wonderful ways of using cheese in cooking and baking. Over the next few months we will discover together, wonderful sauces, dinners, recipes and bakes.

Pong Cheese has a wonderful selection of cheeses on their website. I look forward to widening my cheese palette and creating recipes with all the different cheeses.

I hope that you will join me on this creative journey and together we can have fun discovering new ways to make and bake with cheese in our kitchens? Having fun along the way as we cook up some cracking feasts.

Sammie xx

Pong Cheese provided the cheese for this recipe. All opinions, views, content and photographs are my own. This is not a sponsored post. Please see my Disclosure Policy.

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Mint Chocolate Milkshake Ice Cream

So this this summer I’m having lots of fun making different flavoured ice creams. Yet would I be able to turn a¬†Mr Sherick’s Hint of Mint shake into one? Well, you know me, always up for a challenge. This one is not good, not great, but, awesome. A delicious creamy Mint Chocolate Milkshake Ice Cream!

FF Mint Chocolate Milkshake Ice Cream
Mint Chocolate Milkshake Ice Cream churning Mr Sherick’s shakes into ice cream.

I do apologise for the poor lighting in the photographs. Once this ice cream was made, chilled, churned, frozen and served the light levels were low. If I’d have waited another day I would have had a riot at home. Everyone was desparate to see how the milkshake had turned into an ice cream!

FF Mint Chocolate Milkshake Ice Cream
Mint Chocolate Milkshake Ice Cream a delicious twist on a milkshake.

When most people are given a milkshake or two, they tend to drink them. Oh no, not me. My brain starts whirring as to what can I make with them. I knew I wanted to try an ice cream recipe.

All of Mr Sherick’s shakes are thick, creamy and very luxurious, so I was pretty confident the ‘Hint of Mint’ shake would work well.

FF Mint Chocolate Milkshake Ice Cream
Mint Chocolate Milkshake Ice Cream soooo good!

What I was not prepared for was just how good the ice cream would turn out. Unbelievably creamy and smooth, with just the right ‘Hint of Mint’ against a light chocolate background. This Mint Chocolate Milkshake¬†Ice Cream is seriously good. A massive hit with the whole family giving it a very firm 10/10.

As many of you who read this blog regularly will know, anything above an 8.5 is very hard to attain from our youngest daughter, so Mr Sherick’s you should be very pleased with a top score.

Whilst making the ice cream I resisted the urge to add some extra chunks of minty chocolate. I am so glad that I did. This ice cream is so smooth and dreamily creamy. Yes there is a place for mint chocolate chips in ice cream, but not in this recipe.

FF Mint Chocolate Milkshake Ice Cream

    Mint Chocolate Milkshake Ice Cream smooth and refreshing.


Recipe: Makes 750ml Mint Chocolate Milkshake Ice Cream 

1 x 250ml Hint of Mint Milkshake by Mr Sherick’s

300mls Double Cream

50ml Whole Milk

4 Large Free Range Egg Yolks

5tbsp Caster Sugar

1tsp Corn Flour – I use Waitrose

Method: For photographic step by step instructions see Very Vanilla Ice Cream.

Note: Ensure the frozen bowl part of your ice cream maker has been in the freezer for 8 hours or according to manufacturers instructions.

  • Pour the milkshake, milk and cream into a heavy based saucepan over a medium heat.
  • Bring to scalding point – a rim of small bubbles will form, just before the liquid boils.
  • As soon as the liquid has reached scalding point remove from the heat.
  • Into a large bowl add the egg yolks, sugar and corn flour.
  • Whisk until pale and creamy.
  • With the whisk on slow gently pour in the scalded cream/milkshake mixture.
  • Once combined pour the contents of the bowl back into the saucepan on a low/medium heat (custard base). Stirring continuously.
  • When the custard base has thickened and coats the back of a wooden spoon remove the saucepan from the heat.
  • Pour the custard base through a sieve into a clean bowl.
FF Mint Chocolate Milkshake Ice Cream
Mint Chocolate Milkshake Ice Cream base cooling.
  • Place cling film directly on top of the custard base to stop a skin forming.
  • Leave to cool and when just warm place in the fridge to chill until cold.
  • Once cold the custard base is ready to be churned into ice cream.
  • Set up your ice cream maker according to the instructions given by the manufacturer.
  • Switch the machine on so that it is churning and carefully pour in the custard base.
  • Churn until the ice cream is softly frozen. Stop the ice cream maker.
FF Mint Chocolate Milkshake Ice Cream
Mint Chocolate Milkshake Ice Cream softly frozen in the ice cream maker.
  • Remove the paddle from the ice cream maker and scoop all of the ice cream off into a freezer proof tub. Use a silicone spatula to scoop the remaining ice cream out and into the tub.
FF Mint Chocolate Milkshake Ice Cream
Softly frozen Mint Chocolate Milkshake Ice Cream ready for the freezer.
  • Pop a lid on the tub a place in the freezer until frozen solid, ideally overnight but you can check after 4 hours.
  • To serve your Mint Chocolate Milkshake Ice Cream, remove the tub from the freezer 15 minutes before serving.
  • I scooped balls of the delicious ice cream into premade (not by me!) brandy snap baskets and garnished with a little fresh mint.
FF Mint Chocolate Milkshake Ice Cream
Mint Chocolate Milkshake Ice Cream a classy dessert.

One bottle of ‘Hint of Mint’ milkshake makes a smooth, elegant dessert for 4-6 people, depending on how generous your portions are. In our house it was split between 5 people.

I am utterly thrilled that I was not only able to turn a shake into ice cream, more so that it was a very, very good ice cream. The hint of mint was still there and this proved to be a very smooth and refreshing ice cream. Perfect after a spicey meal, or in a cone in the garden whilst enjoying the sun.

Why don’t you churn your Mr Sherick’s shakes into ice cream?

If you have enjoyed the recipe for this Mint Chocolate Milkshake Ice Cream here are some others you may like to try:

Chocolate Honeycomb Ice Cream

FF Chocolate Honeycomb Ice Cream
Chocolate Honeycomb Ice Cream delicious in these toffee cookie cups.

Lemon Ripple Ice Cream

FF Lemon Ripple Ice Cream
Lemon Ripple Ice Cream just add a spoon!

Chocolate Orange Ice Cream

FF Chocolate Orange Ice Cream
Chocolate Orange Ice Cream with a chocolate ganache ripple.

Creating new flavours using my new¬†Andrew James Ice Cream Maker is so much fun. Using milkshakes from Mr Sherick’s to successfully create delicious ice cream is a creative achievement for me.

If you’ve been inspired to churn your shakes into ice cream please let me know? I love reading your comments and seeing your photos on Twitter and Instagram. Talking of which, keep your eyes open for a Mr Sherick’s giveaway coming very soon.

Have fun making, baking and creating in your kitchens and remember food always tastes better when it’s shared.

Sammie xx

Mr Sherick’s sent me some of their shakes to try. All opinions, views, content and photographs are my own. Please see my Disclosure Policy.

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Silicone Baking Mat Review

When baking there is one disposable item that I use very frequently, baking parchment. So when  GOLDENSPOON  sent me 2 Premium Silicone Non Stick Baking Mats I was interested as to how they would perform. Carrying out a Silicone Baking Mat Review was going to be interesting and fun!

FF Silicone Baking Mat Review
Silicone Baking Mat Review would my gooey cookies come off easily?

After some research as to how hot Silicone bakeware can be cooked at. They are safe to bake up to 250C, I decided to test these vibrant green edged mats in three ways.

  1. Bake at a high temperature – for this I choose to bake a puff pastry tart.
  2. Bake my most gooey and sticky recipe – for this I choose my Rolo Chocolate Cookies.
  3. Use in place of baking parchment for setting messy melted chocolate – for this I covered some strawberries in chocolate to decorate a cake.
FF Silicone Baking Mat Review
Silicone Baking Mat Review 2 mats.

I received 2 Premium Silicone Non Stick Baking Mats, dimensions 27cm x 40cm. A quick wash in warm, soapy water and they were ready to use. I was very pleased to find that they fitted nicely inside my two biggest, most used, baking trays.

Knowing that puff pastry is baked at a high temperature, I decided to make a quick Asparagus Prosciutto Ham Tart.

To make this tart you will need:

320g Ready Rolled Puff Pastry

10-12 Asparagus Spears – washed and trimmed

1 Medium Egg – whisked with a teaspoon of milk fit the egg wash

3 Medium Tomatoes – sliced

6 Slices Prosciutto Ham

Approx 50g Soft Cheese – I used Goddess Cheese from Pong Cheese

Sea Salt and Freshly Ground Black Pepper.

1tbsp Olive Oil

Basil leaves to garnish

Assembling and baking the tart: Preheat the oven to 220C/200C fan, gas mark 7

Place one Premium Silicone Non Stick Baking Mat on to a baking tray.

Un roll the pastry and place directly on to the mat – removing the paper it is rolled in.

Use a pastry brush to lightly cover the pastry in egg wash.

Place the asparagus and sliced tomatoes on to the pastry and season with salt and pepper.

FF Silicone Baking Mat Review
Silicone Baking Mat Review see how perfectly the pastry fits on the mat.

Place the baking tray in the top of the oven for 15 minutes.

After the baking time has elapsed remove the tray from the oven.

Break off small chunks of the cheese and scatter around the tart. Then lay the Prosciutto ham over the tart, in the same direction as the asparagus. Add a small drizzle of olive oil.

FF Silicone Baking Mat Review
Asparagus Prosciutto Ham Tart easily assembled on the silicone baking mat.

Place the tart back in the oven for 10 minutes to crisp the ham and finish baking.

FF Silicone Baking Mat Review
Asparagus Prosciutto Ham Tart

Once baked remove from the oven, scatter over some whole basil leaves.

Remove the tart from the silicone baking mat before cutting.

Result a delicious tart, that baked beautifully on the non stick silicone baking mat. It slid off the mat easily. The mat had a quick wash in warm soapy water and was as good as new.

Fantastic! These Premium Silicone Non Stick Baking Mats cook at a high temperature with no affect on taste and no change in appearance to the mat 10/10.

Next the gooey, sticky test. I used my Rolo recipe for this test. The cookies were prepared according to the recipe and baked using both mats, instead of baking parchment, as instructed.

This recipe requires the cookies to cool on the baking trays before removing.

Once cooled the cookies removed easily, with only a little of the melted caramel staying on the mat. This is usual with baking parchment too so I had expected it. A quick wash and the mats were clean and ready to use. A firm 9/10.

Now for the melted chocolate test!

FF Silicone Baking Mat Review
Silicone Baking Mat Review with messy melted chocolate.

The strawberries were dipped in chocolate and left to set on the silicone baking mat. Once set they removed easily and were used to decorate a beautiful cake. Another quick wash in warm soapy water and again as good as new! A firm 10/10.

In conclusion I am thrilled with these Premium Silicone Non Stick Mats and thoroughly recommend them. They are so easy to use for a variety of baking and cooking purposes. They take up very little space, I store them flat in the bag they came in on top of some tins in a cupboard.

Reusable and in my opinion better than baking parchment, these have to be a great choice, not only for our kitchens but also our planet!

If you have enjoyed this Silicone Baking Mat Review you may like these recipes to bake with your mats:

Blackberry Nectarine Tart

FF Silicone Baking Mat Review
Blackberry Nectarine Tart perfect for cooking on a silicone baking mat.

Red Onion Sausage Plait

FF Silicone Baking Mat Review
Red Onion Sausage Plait next time I bake this will be on a silicone baking mat!

Chocolate Dipped Viennese Fingers

FF Silicone Baking Mat Review
Chocolate Dipped Viennese Fingers had I used a silicone baking mat most of these would not of stuck to the cooling rack!

Strawberry Vanilla Chocolate Drip Cake

FF Silicone Baking Mat Review
Strawberry Chocolate Vanilla Drip Cake are what the chocolate covered strawberries decorated.

Having carried out this Silicone Baking Mat Review I am now a complete convert to baking with silicone. I wholeheartedly recommend every kitchen, where baking takes place, to switch to these silicone baking mats. Over time they will pay for themselves and are more environmentally friendly than using baking parchment.

Whatever you are making, baking and creating in your kitchens today, I hope that you are having fun, smiling and enjoying the feast you are preparing.

Sammie xx

GOLDENSPOON provided me with the 2 Premium Silicone Non Stick Baking Mats for the purpose of a review. All views and opinions are my own, as are the recipes, photographs and content of this post. I was not paid to review this product. Please see my  Disclosure Policy.

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Wilko Gardening Product Review

Welcome to a new section of this blog called GROWING YOUR OWN FEAST IS FUN! Bob, my son and I are planning to grow vegetables, salads, herbs and flowers, mainly in containers, in our garden. So to kick off this new addition to my blog I’d like to invite you to my Wilko Gardening Product Review.

FF Wilko Gardening Product Review
Wilko Gardening Product Review planters and transplanters.

Having carried out a bakeware review before – see¬†Wilko Product Review. I was excited to review a different aspect of Wilko’s, so I agreed to a Wilko Gardening Product Review.

I was asked to choose 3 items from a list sent to me, the set of 3 Bee Hive Plastic Planters immediately caught my attention. With drip trays underneath, all that I needed to do was punch through the drainage holes in the base, which I did easily with a screwdriver.

Next I asked for a transplanter trowel, because honestly, any gardener will tell you that you can never have too many of these. Fortunately for me the garden sign that was my third choice, must have been out of stock as I received 2 transplanters. This was so thrilling as it meant Bob and I could have one each.

FF Wilko Gardening Product Review.
Time to get planting, I find it’s best to have everything to hand.

I ordered compost and some Dahlia tubers from Wilko. No lugging heavy bags of compost home, for a small fee order on line and have everything delivered!

As you can see from the photograph above, the base of each Bee Hive Plastic Planter was filled with some broken polystyrene. As we have our meat delivered, the polystyrene boxes themselves make useful planters and the lids are great for breaking up. This adds drainage to the base of the container and helps the plants grow better. You can also use broken terracotta pots, however, polystyrene is light and means the pots can be easily moved.

FF Wilko Gardening Product Review.
Adding water retaining crystals and slow release plant food granules ensure the plants are feed and watered even during dry spells.

On top of the drainage fill the pots, almost full with compost. I then added some water retaining crystals and slow release plant food granules. These are then mixed throughout the compost in the pot.

By adding water retaining granules, even on really hot days, when the tubs have been watered first thing in the morning, the roots will not dry out. Similarly adding slow release plant food granules ensures that after 6 weeks, when the natural nutrients in the compost have been used up, plant food and nutrients are still slowly being released.

During the long Summer and Autumn growing season, I will not have to worry about feeding the Bee Hive Planters provided for the Wilko Gardening Product Review!

FF Wilko Gardening Product Review
Wilko Gardening Product Review I wanted Pretty and Productive.

Whilst Bob and I want to grow lots of different salads and vegetables, I still want the garden to look pretty. So I added some Dahlia tubers, that will grow up through the courgette plants to give height to the planters. We will also be sowing and growing companion plants and flowering plants that will attract pollinators.

Making a deep well in the largest planter I spread out the Dalia tubers and planted them so that the dried stem, at the top of the bulbous tubers, was level with the top of the compost. Then I planted two courgette plants either side. The courgettes will spread and hang over the side of the planter. Growing courgettes in containers has many advantages, the courgettes are free from the soil and predators, such a slugs and snails. Although growing French marigolds will attract pollinating bees, it also makes hand pollination possible – something I will address in future posts.

FF Wilko Gardening Product Review
Whilst the Bee Hive Planter may look a little bare, the courgettes will soon fill out and the Dahlia will grow above the lower vegetable leaves.

This planter’s compost top will be completely covered within a couple of weeks and a few weeks later we should be harvesting our own, homegrown courgettes. Perfect for kebabs, stir fries, sliced thinly in salads. Courgette flowers are also edible, small and raw, or covered in batter and deep fried. There will be plenty of new and interesting recipes coming from GROWING YOUR OWN FEAST IS FUN.

FF Wilko Gardening Product Review
Wilko Gardening Product Review all three containers planted.

The second largest Bee Hive Planter was planted with herbs bought with my shopping from the supermarket. Both Coriander and Curly Parsley. I split the shop bought herbs in half and planted the parsley and coriander around the edges. Although a little bedragled, within a couple of days they had settled in and perked up.

Using the transplanter trowel for this Wilko Gardening Product Review made life very easy. Planting the smallest Bee Hive Planter with small, mixed lettuce leaves, the transplanters moved the soil and transplanted the pre-grown mixed lettuces into their holes. Pressing gently with my hands, around the planted lettuce, herbs, marigolds and small courgettes settles and firms them into place.

FF Wilko Gardening Product Review
Wilko Gardening Product Review time to give these planters a good soak.

Finally give the Bee Hive Planters a gentle but thorough soaking.

They have been placed in an area of partial sunlight as all the plants suit this condition. Daily watering and snail and slug patrol are important. Placing Vaseline around the tops of the containers will help deter slugs and snails. Also placing the planters on some wire mesh works as a deterrent.

I am really impressed with the size and decoration of the beehive planters. The transplanters are sturdy and very comfortable to hold. I look forward to seeing our produce and flowers flourish, with regular watering there really shouldn’t be anything else to take care of, except for picking courgettes and cutting herbs and salad leaves as they grow.

FF Wilko Gardening Product Review.
1 week update on the Wilko planters already the herbs have filled out and the courgettes are growing fast.

Wilko sell a wide range of gardening products. I have a nemesia, that I bought from Wilko many years ago and it still blooms with tiny pink flowers ever year.

I hope this post has given you the basics on how to plant containers and encouraged you to try growing a few of your own herbs and vegetables.

Whilst I am by no means an expert, I have been gardening for as many years as I have cooked and baked. So if you have any relevant questions, please either leave a comment or send me a tweet and I will do my best to help.

Bob and I hope you enjoy GROWING YOUR OWN FEAST IS FUN and the journey we have started together?

Sammie xx

Wilko sent me the Bee Hive Planters and transplanters for the purpose of review. All other items mentioned were purchased by me. I was not paid to write this blog, all content, photographs, views, opinions and advice are my own. I do not take responsibilty for anyone acting on the advice gien in this post. Please see my Disclosure Policy.

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Andrew James Waffle Maker Review

Waffles, I have been wanting to make my own forever Рvery slight exaggeration there, honestly though for a long time. I was sent an Andrew James Waffle Maker, by Andrew James UK Ltd to review and set myself the challenge of also coming up with a few recipes along the way!

Andrew James Waffle Maker Review
Chocolate Dunking Waffle anyone????

When reviewing a product, especially a non-essential kitchen item, which is what I would have classed the Andrew James Waffle Maker as, I’m pretty tough. If another gadget or electrical appliance is going to take up precious space in my already overcrowded kitchen, well, it’s got to earn its place.

So I look for durability, consistency, versatility, ease of use and the one we all love to hate, how easy is it to clean. I’m a home cook, not a chef, but I still want good quality and a variety of recipes, in order for an appliance to warrant being kept.

Andrew James Waffle Maker Review
This is the Andrew James Waffle Maker that I reviewed.

Firstly I was impressed with how well the Andrew James Waffle Maker was packaged. There wasn’t any excess space in the box and the sides of the waffle maker were protected with polystyrene. Actually after use, once cooled and cleaned, I store it, in it’s protective packaging, back in the box.

I read through the instruction booklet, which was easy to follow, brief and concise. Before use it is recommended to wipe over the waffle maker, including the waffle plates with a clean damp cloth. This I did.

Andrew James Waffle Maker Review
Press the big button and this is what the Andrew James Waffle Maker looks like.

The instruction booklet recommends wiping over the waffle plates with butter/vegetable fat, prior to each use, to maintain the non stick waffle plates. Having square ridges on the waffle plates meant this could potentially be quite tricky. Instead I opted to brush melted butter onto the plates with a soft pastry brush, although a silicone brush would be suitable as well. Using melted butter also ensures, that as it cools on the cold waffle plates, you can see if you have evenly covered the plates.

Using the Andrew James Waffle Maker for the first time, I decided to make a batch of Vanilla Bean Waffles.

Andrew James Waffle Maker Review
Vanilla Bean Waffles – ooh so good.

As each waffle recipe calls for melted butter, that has been cooled, I melted an extra 20g of butter (than called for in the recipe), specifically for brushing onto the waffle plates.

Once the waffle plates have been brushed with melted butter, close the waffle maker and switch on via the plug. An orange light illuminates on the top of the waffle maker to show it is switched on. When the green light illuminates, the waffle maker is ready to use.

Andrew James Waffle Maker Review
Andrew James Waffle Maker orange light indicates that it is heating up.

From the time of switching on ALWAYS use suitable heat protection for your hands whilst using.

I found it very easy to open and close the waffle maker whilst wearing oven gloves. Also be aware that the top and sides of the waffle maker get very hot!

Once the green light illuminates you can start cooking your waffles.

The instruction booklet does not give any guidance as to how much waffle mixture should be added to each plate. I found that for all the recipes I used,  two dessert spoons  of waffle batter was sufficient.

Andrew James Waffle Maker Review
Andrew James Waffle Maker add the waffle batter to the middle of each waffle plate.

Close the lid of the waffle maker as soon as the batter has been added to the waffle plates. The length of time required for cooking each waffle varies with each recipe. As a guide it is between 4 – 6 minutes.

Whilst cooking, the waffle maker may emit steam. I simply wiped away any condensated water from the worktop after use.

Once the cooking time had elapsed, wearing oven gloves, I pressed the large button, opened the waffle maker and there were my very first, deliciously cooked waffles.

I used a simple wooden spatula to lift each cooked waffle from the waffle plate. Again metal, or anything abrasive should not be used against the waffle plates, as this may damage their non stick surface.

Andrew James Waffle Maker Review
Andrew James Waffle Maker and my first ever waffles!

You will notice that the waffles above have slightly irregular edges. This is because not enough waffle batter has been added to the waffle plates. However, from experience, I personally think it is better to slightly under fill the waffle maker. Once you have made your first two waffles you can slightly adjust the amount of batter added to the waffle plates.

If you overload the waffle plates with too much batter, you will still get beautiful waffles, as well as batter oozing out of the sides of the closed waffle maker and excess batter cooking on the hot surround of the waffle plates.

Although I found this relatively easy to clean up, it is a waste of waffle batter. I want all my batter to turn into delicious cooked waffles!

Andrew James Waffle Maker Review
Stacks of waffles cooked two by two with the Andrew James Waffle Maker

Over the period of 2 weeks I cooked over 60 waffles using the Andrew James Waffle Maker. I tested different recipes and consistency. Above is a picture of 28 waffles cooked one after the other, with the waffle plates having only been greased at the start of the waffle making marathon.

What I found was complete consistency, throughout the process – obviously quantity of batter added to the plates and cooking time were kept the same. Also throughout the whole review period NOT A SINGLE WAFFLE STUCK!

After each cooking session was complete, the waffle maker was switched off and left open to cool before cleaning. To be completely honest this was the part that I was not looking forward to!

Cleaning the Andrew James Waffle Maker

Once cold and unplugged I used the wooden spatula to scrape any excess cooled batter from the waffle plate surround. Then using a cloth rinsed in warm soapy water I wiped over the entire inside of the waffle maker. Certainly on the waffle plate surround, where excess batter had stuck, I had to rub a few times to clean it off. I then wiped around the back of the waffle maker, where the hinges are. Finally I found that the underside of the waffle maker became greasy, so that was then thoroughly wiped. I left the waffle maker open to dry and before packing away gave the top a quick wipe over and then dried with a clean tea towel.

Each time I cleaned the waffle maker it took no longer than 5 minutes.

To conclude, I absolutely love this Andrew James Waffle Maker! It was very easy to operate and use. During the waffle making marathon it proved to be consistent and durable. I was able to create a range of new recipes, both savoury and sweet, so it ticked the versatility box.

The Andrew James Waffle Maker has most certainly earned it’s place in my kitchen and is now classed as an essential kitchen appliance for me. I thoroughly recommend this waffle maker.

If you like waffles, you will love the smell of them freshly cooking, in your own home, using the Andrew James Waffle Maker.

Cherry Bakewell Waffles makes 8

Andrew James Waffle Review
Cherry Bakewell Waffles utterly delicious.

8 Vanilla Bean Waffles

200g/7oz¬†Sugar and Crumbs¬†Cherry Bakewell flavour icing sugar –¬†alternatively use plain icing sugar with 1/2tsp almond extract added

50g/2oz Flaked Almonds lightly toasted

8 Glacé Cherries chopped into quarters

Sift the icing sugar into a bowl and add enough water to make a light drizzling consistency. Stir well to ensure there aren’t any lumps.

Toast the Vanilla Bean Waffles you want them very slightly crisp.

Drizzle the flavoured icing over the waffles. Add a few pieces of cherry to each waffle and then scatter over with toasted almond flakes. Serve immediately, or let cool and keep in an airtight container for 3 days.

These are great for afternoon tea, picnics, or with a large latte and a good book!

In fact, these Cherry Bakewell Waffles are perfect any time of the day.

Smoked Salmon Waffle Appetisers makes 16

Andrew James Waffle Maker Review
Smoked Salmon Waffle Appetisers

These Smoked Salmon Waffle Appetisers are a perfect savoury twist for the waffle and they are completely delicious! Perfect for parties.

Use the Vanilla Bean Waffle recipe only adding 10g of sugar and leaving out the vanilla bean paste.

You need 4 waffles for this recipe – excess waffles can be frozen in a zip lock freezer bag for up to one month.

Toast each waffle so that it is slightly crisp. Set aside on a rack to cool.

Place 200ml Creme Fraiche into a bowl.

Add 4 heaped teaspoons of creamed horseradish sauce (I used the hot variety).

Stir to combine – add salt and pepper to taste.

Cut each waffle into quarters.

Place a teaspoonful of the horseradish/creme fraiche sauce on top of each waffle quarter.

Top with a slither of smoked salmon.

Sprinkle over chopped chives, or dill and serve on a platter.

If you have enjoyed the Andrew James Waffle Maker review you are sure to enjoy these recipes too:

Chocolate Dunking Waffles 

Andrew James Waffle Maker Review
Chocolate Dunking Waffles have fun with your waffles!

Vanilla Bean Waffles with Boozy Berry Sauce

Andrew James Waffle Maker Review
Vanilla Bean Waffles with Boozy Berry Sauce a classy dessert.

Do you love waffles?

Would you like to experience the aroma of freshly cooked waffles in your kitchen?

I for one am a complete waffle convert. I have loved seeing how tasty and versatile they are. Most of all, I have realised how much fun they can be. Breaking the ‘rules’ by dunking them in delicious hot chocolate, or serving as a classy appetiser with smoked salmon. Who knew??

As always have fun with your waffle experience. Enjoy the feasts you create and don’t forget to tag me in on Twitter/Instagram, I love seeing your makes and bakes.

Sammie xx

@sammiefeasting Twitter/Instagram/Pinterest

All opinions, recipes and content are my own. I did not receive payment for carrying out this review. Please see my Disclosure Policy.

To see the Andrew James Waffle Maker I reviewed please click here.



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Vanilla Bean Waffles

Vanilla Bean Waffles. Just think on that for a while, whilst you gawp stare graciously at this picture.

AJ Vanilla Bean Waffles
Vanilla Bean Waffles as pretty to look at as they are delicious to eat!

Light and fluffy inside, crispy and golden outer, these Vanilla Bean Waffles may just about be the best invention for breakfast, since sliced bread got a one-up and became toast!

AJ Vanilla Bean Waffles
Vanilla Bean Waffles everyone can relax as look, there’s a whole pile of them.

Now I have wanted a waffle maker for longer than I care to remember. Which in itself is kinda odd, seeing as I’ve never eaten a waffle before in my life! Let alone made one.

But, you see I do watch Diners, Drive-ins and Dives on¬†Food Network UK.¬†Guy Fieri travel around the U.S. visiting various eating establishments and some of them serve waffles. So although I haven’t ever bought them pre-made from the supermarket, or even eaten them at a cafe or restaurant, I wanted to make them.

It’s a little thing of mine, if I can buy it I want to make it. With only a couple of exceptions,¬†don’t mention the croissants¬†homemade always tastes better than pre-made, packaged, mass produced, supermarket produce.

Please don’t misunderstand me? I really couldn’t manage without the convenience of my weekly online grocery shop, especially as I cannot drive at the moment. It is simply that, fresh from the Waffle iron, these Vanilla Bean Waffles are a million miles away from their shop bought counterpart. Plus you can switch up the flavours – more on that in an up coming post.

AJ Vanilla Bean Waffles
Vanilla Bean Waffles better than shop bought?

Fortunately our daughter has eaten (and loves) shop bought waffles. Her verdict after eating two Vanilla Bean Waffles was a firm 10 out of 10 and “so much better than any I’ve eaten before” verdict.

I have to say I was thrilled. She can be a tough cookie and 8.5 out of 10 is usually the highest she goes! So I knew I’d struck gold with this recipe.

Served warm with a dusting of icing sugar, super fragrant strawberries and a swirl of cream to seal the deal, the plate you see above was my lunch.

Oh boy. Why have I waited so long? All these years I’ve been missing out on the absolute, utter deliciousness of homemade waffles. Plus I was pretty pleased that I’d managed to nail the recipe on my first attempt!

Yeah I can be a bit competitive with myself. I’m working on it.

Back to the waffles. You have gotta try these. Seriously, even if you’re not the worlds greatest cook, with this recipe and a trusted¬†Andrew James¬†Belgian Waffle Maker, you can’t go wrong.

Note: It is always recommended that you read through the entire recipe before proceeding. This applies to all recipes on this site and in general.

Recipe: Makes 10 Vanilla Bean Waffles

This recipe assumes that you have read the waffle maker’s instruction booklet and carried out any pre-treatment required. Mine was simple to wipe over the non stick plates with a clean, damp cloth.

  • 120g Unsalted Butter
  • 3 Large Free Range Eggs
  • 150ml/5fl oz Whole Milk
  • 1tsp Vanilla Bean Paste
  • 30g/2tbsp Caster Sugar
  • 225g/8oz Plain Flour – Self Raising can be substituted, omit the baking powder
  • 2tsp Baking Powder
  • 1/8tsp Salt


  • Place the unsalted butter into a small saucepan on a low – medium heat. Allow the butter to completely melt. Remove from the heat and allow to cool.
  • Whilst the butter is cooling crack the eggs into a large bowl. Give them a quick whisk.
  • Add the milk, sugar and vanilla bean paste to the eggs and lightly whisk to combine.
  • Once cooled weigh 100g of the melted butter into the egg, milk, sugar, vanilla bean paste mixture and whisk briefly to combine (wet ingredients).
  • Weigh the flour and sift along with the baking powder and salt into the bowl containing the wet ingredients.
  • Gently mix both the wet and dry ingredients together until just combined – over mixing will lead to tough waffles.


AJ Vanilla Bean Waffles
Brush the waffle plates with the leftover melted butter WHILST THE MACHINE IS SWITCHED OFF.
  • Ensure that the melted butter completely covers each of the waffle plates.
  • Close the waffle maker and switch on. For the¬†Andrew James¬†Belgian Waffle Maker it is ready to cook with when the green ‘ready’ light illuminates.
  • Using oven gloves, to protect your hands, as the top of the waffle make plus the waffle plates get very hot, press the button and open the waffle maker.
AJ Vanilla Bean Waffles
Using an American 1/4 cup measure (50ml) pour the thick batter onto each of the waffle plates.
  • Close the lid of the waffle maker and set a timer for 5 minutes.
  • Ensure the room is well ventilated as the cooking process produces steam.
  • I found 5 minutes to be the optimum time for cooking these Vanilla Bean Waffles in this waffle maker. Adjustments to time maybe needed if using a different brand.
  • Really enjoy the smell as the waffles are cooking – don’t be surprised if your neighbours line up at your front door!
  • After 5 minutes, wearing oven gloves, press the button to release the lid of the waffle maker.
AJ Vanilla Bean Waffles
Ta -dah beautiful golden Vanilla Bean Waffles.
  • I used a wooden spatula to help remove the waffles from the plates. They came away really easily. Do not use anything metallic to remove the waffles as it could scratch the non stick coating on the waffle plates.
  • Repeat adding 1/4 cup (50mls) as before to each plate.
  • Continue until all the waffle batter has been used.
  • Once the last waffle has been removed switch the waffle maker off and leave to cool.
AJ Vanilla Bean Waffles
Happiness is a pile of warm Vanilla Bean Waffles.

Enjoy your Vanilla Bean Waffles however you want.

I went for sliced strawberries, a dusting of icing sugar and some whipped cream. Our children reheated their waffles in the toaster, before adding various combinations of ice cream, Nutella and strawberries! What you put on yours is up to you. A drizzle of maple syrup would taste amazing on these golden beauties.

They keep for up to 2 days in an airtight container and can be reheated in the toaster or oven. I will test to see if they freeze well – I’ll get back to you, right here when I know!!

AJ Vanilla Bean Waffles
Vanilla Bean Waffles perfect anytime of the day.

For a first attempt at waffle making I am surprised and pleased with how easy it is. I would happily make these at weekends, invite some friends over for a breakfast party.

Oh wow how much fun would that be??

However you enjoy your waffles, I really hope I have inspired you to have a go and make some at home. They simply taste so unbelievably good.

Vanilla Bean Waffles perfect for feasting, sharing and having fun!

If you have enjoyed making these Vanilla Bean Waffles you may also like these recipes:

English Muffins

Vanilla Bean Waffles
English Muffins www.feastingisfun,com

Spiced Fruit Loaf

Vanilla Bean Waffles
Spiced Fruit Loaf

Cherry Bakewell Waffles

AJ Cherry Bakewell Waffles
Cherry Bakewell Waffles

Always remember, food tastes better when it’s shared!

Sammie xx

The Andrew James Belgian Waffle Maker was provided for the purposes of review. All opinions, recipes and content are my own. Please see my Disclosure Policy.


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British Bakeware Product Review

Hello lovely readers. Today I am so thrilled to share with you my British Bakeware Product Review.

British Bakeware produce a wide range of fantastic bakeware that is all manufactured in the UK. If you need a well made, durable piece of baking kit, British Bakeware stock it.

I was sent a Large Baking Tray, 3lb Loaf Tin and 12 Cup Muffin Tray to review. I had so much fun developing recipes and testing each product and am excited to share the final results and my thoughts on their products with you.

Large Baking Tray dimensions 33cm length x 24cm wide x 2.5cm deep

British Bakeware Product Review
Large Baking Tray with a non-stick finish.

This Large Baking Tray has a double non-stick coating and is oven, freezer and dishwasher safe.

Oh, did I mention it comes with a 5 year guarantee – yep a whole 5 years.

I really put this baking tray through it’s paces. From baking sausage rolls, on Christmas Eve, to roasting chicken, making biscuits and baking rolls. This baking tray performed time and time again.

Food cooked evenly and the baking tray was a dream to clean. Although it is non stick I gave it a very light coating of oil prior to using it. Doing so prolongs the life any non stick bakeware.

During my British Bakeware Product Review I developed new recipes. Using this Large Baking Tray I made Roast Chicken Noodle Soup  that is very low in fat and  these Cherry Bakewell Cookies for a little treat!

Cherry Bakewell Cookies
Cherry Bakewell Cookies cooling on the baking tray.

I deliberately did not grease the baking tray, or line with parchment paper. These cookies were very easy to remove, using a palette knife. That for me was the ultimate non-stick test and this large baking tray passed with flying colours.

In future I would line with baking parchment, as it is a great baking tray and I don’t want to scratch it!

Overall I was very impressed with the quality, durability and versatility of this Large Baking Tray.

12 Cup Muffin Tray dimensions 36cm length x 26cm wide x 3cm deep

British Bakeware Product Review
12 Cup Muffin Tray

This Muffin Tray has a double non-stick coating and is oven, freezer and dishwasher safe.

Yes this Muffin Tray also has a whopping 5 year guarantee.

Although this is a Muffin Tray I wanted to bake deep cupcakes in it, to see how it performed.

Vanilla Bean Cupcakes
Baked, golden Vanilla Bean Cupcakes using the 12 Cup Muffin Tray.

With the 12 Cup Muffin Tray I baked a batch of these Vanilla Bean Cupcakes. The cupcakes baked evenly across the tray and were easy to remove.

What I particularly like about this Muffin Tray is the lip it has, that runs around the outside, on the top of the tray. This is a fantastic feature when baking any muffin or cupcake with a streusel topping. Inevitably some of the crumbly streusel gets knocked off the top of the muffin whilst moving the tray, this little addition ensures the sticky, crumbly mixture, doesn’t end up on your oven floor!

I do not know anyone who enjoys having to clean the oven!!!

So top marks for that British Bakeware.

This 12 Cup Muffin Tray was easy to clean, baked evenly and can be used for muffins and cupcakes. It is a complete winner all round.

3lb Loaf Pan dimensions 21cm long x 13cm wide x 12cm deep.

British Bakeware Product Review
3lb Loaf Tin

The 3lb Loaf Tin has a non-stick coating and is also oven, freezer and dishwasher safe.

Those of you who know me, know I love baking all sorts of delicious cakes, cookies, pies……

Did you know that I bake almost ALL of our bread?

This 3lb Loaf Tin has been used almost every day, since just before Christmas. I have baked our regular variety of loaves and created 2 new recipes in honour of this loaf tin – if it is possible to love an item of baking equipment, well, let’s just say, don’t try and come between me and this loaf tin. Are we clear???

Time after time it produced fantastic loaves. If you bake bread you NEED this tin. If you don’t and want to start get THIS tin.

I have been baking bread for the best part of 40 years (I started very young!!) and this is, without question, the best non-stick loaf tin I have ever used.

I created a recipe for a Wholemeal Loaf and a Spiced Fruit Loaf. 

The fruit loaf has a very, very sticky dough, yet it baked perfectly in this Loaf Tin.

British Bakeware Product Review
The 2nd Spiced Fruit Loaf I baked for this British Bakeware Product Review.

The 100% Wholemeal Loaf also baked beautifully in this 3lb Loaf Tin.

British Bakeware Product Review
Delicious and healthy Wholemeal Loaf.

Have I convinced you to start making your own bread yet?

I have thoroughly enjoyed carrying out this British Bakeware Product Review, not least because the products I reviewed were of excellent quality. They withstood the rigours of a normal household kitchen, although, it is probable that I bake more than most.

Whether you are a frequent baker, or not I can thoroughly recommend British Bakeware products. They are very reasonably priced, especially when you consider all three items I reviewed come with a 5 year guarantee and they are made right here in the UK.

Following this British Bakeware Product Review they will now be the first place I turn to when I need baking equipment – in fact I already have a few items on my list!!

As you know I frequently mention sharing on here. First home, wedding, birthday – how about giving a baking gift from British Bakeware? Maybe go one step further, pick a recipe (from feastingisfun of course ūüėČ) buy the ingredients and the bakeware to bake it in and give it as a present?

Here are the links to get you started!

Large Baking Tray

12 Cup Muffin Tray

3lb Deep Farmhouse Loaf Tin

Do you enjoy baking?

Would you like to start baking?

Please let me know. I really enjoy reading your comments. I am not an expert but will always aim to give helpful advice.

Have fun baking, I’m off to do some online shopping at¬†British Bakeware

Sammie xx

British Bakeware provided me with the 3lb loaf pan, large baking tray and 12 cup muffin tray, for me to review. All opinions and content are my own. I did not receive any payment for carrying out this review.






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