My Blog 10 Things I’ve Learned So Far.


Happy Saturday everyone! Here is My Blog 10 Things I’ve Learned So Far, in the 6 months since I started blogging.


I did it!! I set up my own blog. Who'da thunk it????
I did it!! I set up my own blog. Who’da thunk it????


1 – If you put your mind to something, are willing to try, learn, make mistakes, pick yourself up and carry on, you can achieve anything!

2 – It’s completely possible to know nothing about computing and still set up and write a blog. So far everything I’ve posted/photographed has been through my iPhone 4S. Not bad eh???


My trusty iPhone. I will start to use a laptop - soon!!!
My trusty iPhone. I will start to use a laptop – soon!!!


3 – You have to be yourself! Honesty is key. As is opening up to your readers. Whilst I’m protective of my family (not showing pics/real names), if I didn’t include them in my post it would be very one dimensional.

4 – Post good quality, original content on you blog. Reread it back and if it’s not good bin it! For every blog I’ve posted at least 2 others haven’t made it.

5 – Be polite and reply to comments. As part of Bloglovin’ it’s fab to see my followers increase, but comments on a post mean the world to me. That’s why I was gutted to lose ALL my comments when I faced the WordPress White Screen of Death.

I love WordPress usually - but not when it doesn't work - I'm fickle!!!
I love WordPress usually – but not when it doesn’t work – I’m fickle!!!


6 – Take time to read a variety of other peoples blogs and if they inspire you, leave a comment. I read a vast range of blogs, from Hannah Gale to Sally’s Baking Addiction and pretty much everything in between! Through Bloglovin’ I’ve created my own, online magazine. You don’t have to read every blog in your feed, but it’s great to be able to save posts that inspire you.

7 – All the bloggers I’ve had contact with have been really lovely and supportive. The blogosphere genuinely should be a place for freedom of speech and mutual encouragement. Yes you might read a blog and not agree with the content, that’s not an excuse to leave a mean or rude comment. Express your feelings in a polite, positive way – you maybe surprised at the reply!!!

Support means everything.
Support means everything.


8 – DON’T rip off other peoples content and pass it on as your own. NOT COOL! I was horrified to learn that this happens, especially on food blogs. It’s simply WRONG!

Totally NOT COOL dude!
Totally NOT COOL dude!


9 – Don’t be afraid to diversify. My blog was set up originally to share my love of cooking, recipes, successes and failures! Yet my post Migraineswhy life’s not always sunshine and roses (sorry haven’t figured out how to do links yet!), received an amazing response. It opened my site up to a wider range of people, more importantly it touched individual lives. Life is easier when you know your not ‘the only one’ dealing with stuff.

10 – Keeping a healthy perspective. I was seriousy heart broken when my website ‘died’. All my hardwork, content, comments locked away and I didn’t have the key. My reaction surprised me. This was my baby, something I had accomplished on my own. You understand, right? I was sooooo relieved when I’d pretty much fixed it and recovered most of what I lost. It did make me realise that in all things there should be balance and whilst my blog is important to me, so are the living, breathing, real, touchable people in my life. Don’t neglect them and be sucked into cybersphere. Real, face to face relationships are sooo important!

What do you think?
What do you think?

What have you learned since becoming a blogger?

Sammie x


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