Summer Season Of The Senses


Hi, I was inspired to write Summer Season Of The Senses by a blog I read this morning by Sally Tangle. It’s a beautiful post I hope you take time to read it.

Ice cream - a summer staple, during long, hot days.
Ice cream – a summer staple, during long, hot days.

There are certain things that happen, regardless of the date, that let you know Summer is definitely here. The days, unnoticed, have inched there way into longer, light filled time. Lingering, coral pink sunsets give way to a few star studded hours and then, earlier and earlier each morning the bird song fills the air, with it’s tinkling, magical sound.

The bright, apple green hues of Spring gradually give way to lush, deep foliage, studded with spectacularly coloured blooms. The gentle hum of Bees, busy at work, contrasting with the delicate fluttering of butterflies, dancing in the breeze. White, blue, patterned, the butterflies beauty enhanced by the sunshine or brightening cloud covered days.

Summer Season Of The Senses
Summer Season Of The Senses

Grass, freshly cut. Is there a more beautiful smell? A Summer shower, on a hot dusty day, the smell and steam as it evaporates from the quenched earth. A few moments later and all traces of the big, fat, heavy, droplets erased.

Summer Season Of The Senses, smooth sand, slipping between bare toes as waves gently lap at the shoreline. Sun cream slathered on, it’s smell filling the air, as excited children wait until they can splash and swim in the sea. Chatter, shouting, yet all bearable as you lay, letting the sun’s heat, warm you through to your bones. Relaxing in natures own healing therapy. Gulls laughing call, reminding you where you are as the world lazily fades from your hearing.

Summer Season Of The Senses
Summer Season Of The Senses

Picnics with strawberries, warmed by the sun, never tasting better. Kites waiting for a breeze to lift them skyward, higher and higher. Nearby trees offer shade from the scorching sun, rustle their leaves when the breeze finally comes. Sticky ice creams, never needed more, taste more intense as they tied their refreshing coolness.

Summer Season Of The Senses
Summer Season Of The Senses

Intense heat builds, stifling, stuffy. Shirt collars undone, formality softened. Then the release, heavy grey clouds, tinted with yellow. Their ominous presence, for once, welcomed. Silence as wildlife seek sanctuary. Lightening flashes through the sky and thunder rumbles, the silent spell broken. Loud crashes overhead. Heavy sparse droplets fall, gardeners wait, then heavier and heavier until stair rods fall from the heavens.

Rainbow - a sign that the storm has passed.
Rainbow – a sign that the storm has passed.

Bird song resumes as rain disappears, clear blue sky visible against the thunder clouds in the distance. Cool, refreshing air gulped in as windows are flung open. Lightness returns, the heavy oppression passed, for now.

Summer Season Of The Senses restored.

What says “Summer is here” to you?

Sammie x

All photographs my own.

Places to visit in Kent and discover your Summer Season Of The Senses:

Joss Bay in Broadstairs has its own surf school.

Mote Park has a lake, acres of grassland, woods and a play area

The Hop Farm is perfect for families as it has an indoor soft play area, animal farm, falconry and much more.

Leeds Castle has a maze and grotto, various events so check the calendar, beautiful gardens, river, swans and peacocks and of course a castle. Worth taking a picnic as the food can be pricey.

Go Ape a high ropes course held in the grounds of Leeds Castle, you do have to book separately. Get ready to zip line!

Brogdale Fruit Festivals and Cider festival. Situated in Faversham, Brogdale holds the National Fruit Collection and has various family friendly activities throughout the year.


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  1. I love this post Sammie! I have noticed people laugh more when the sun is shining and there seems to be more people smiling on a sunny day!
    Mummy xx

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