FF Lime Ripple Luxury Ice Cream

Lime Ripple Luxury Ice Cream

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Hi to all my fabulous readers. Are you enjoying the current spell of warm weather here in the south of England? While it is so hot, a no churn ice cream recipe is ideal. And this Lime Ripple Luxury Ice Cream can be made in the morning, ready to enjoy by the evening.

FF Lime Ripple No Churn Ice Cream

Loving Limes

Currently I am in the middle of a full blown love affair with limes. I make no apology, because they taste so good. And having  a softer, less sour flavour than lemons, they work well in many savoury dishes such as Lime Couscous . While in sweet dishes limes add a rounder, less tart, more subtle flavour. So my kitchen is never without lemons or limes.

FF Lime Ripple Luxury Ice Cream
Lime Ripple Luxury Ice Cream refreshingly good.

This ice cream recipe uses homemade lime curd. Since lime curd is readily available online and in the shops, feel free to substitute. My recipe for lime curd will be posted on here in the next week or so. Importantly, as a food blogger I always double check a new recipe before sharing it. Resulting in a reliable and consistent recipe that you may then follow in confidence.

FF Lime Ripple Luxury Ice Cream
Lime Ripple Luxury Ice Cream with homemade lime curd.

Because not everyone owns an ice cream maker, this no churn recipe allows anyone to make great ice cream at home. So easily made with three main ingredients, a delightful dessert, to share with family and friends.

FF Lime Ripple Luxury Ice Cream
Lime Ripple Luxury Ice Cream quick and easy to make.

A quick note before starting. Depending on what the flavour is to be added to the base, has a direct impact on the quantity of condensed milk used. The lime curd used in this recipe is reasonably tart, as it is homemade. Shop bought curds should be similar. Yet if making, for example milk chocolate ice cream, the condensed milk should be reduced. Otherwise the result may well be an overly sweet ice cream. This is not a one size fits all recipe.

Recipe: Lime Ripple Luxury Ice Cream makes 1L approx.

600ml Double Cream

250g Condensed Milk – I use Carnation

1tsp Vanilla Extract – I use Nielsen-Massey

150g Lime Curd


This recipe forms part of my review for Andrew James and uses their Set of Five Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls With Air Tight Lids. The largest bowl holds 4500ml and has a splatter proof lid, meaning that a handheld whisk can be placed through the central hole where part of the lid is removed. This bowl proved excellent for whisking this ice cream.

FF Lime Ripple Luxury Ice Cream
Largest of the nest of 5 bowls with splatter proof lid.

Making The No Churn Lime Ice Cream

  • First of all, pour the cream into a large bowl and then weigh the condensed milk directly into the bowl. Add the vanilla extract.
  • Whisk the ingredients in the bowl. For this bowl the lid was attached with the centre removed and the ingredients were whisked until thickened. The thickness of the cream mixture should easily hold a figure of eight.
FF Lime Ripple Luxury Ice Cream
Making the no churn base for this ice cream
  • The splatter guard on this bowl only let through the tiniest spots of cream. Usually there is a massive kitchen clear up, wiping cupboards and floors! So the splatter guard is something that I find a huge bonus on this bowl
  • Next add in 50g of lime curd and give the mixture a quick mix, so that it is fully incorporated.
  • Pour the ice cream base into a freezer proof container, which has a secure fitting lid.
  • Now pour over the remaining 100g of lime curd and ripple it through the whipped cream.
  • Finally swirl the lime curd through using a wooden spoon handl
FF Lime Ripple Luxury Ice Cream
Creating the Lime Ripple Luxury Ice Cream ready for the freezer.

Freezing The Ice Cream

  • Snap the lid on to the ice cream container and place in the feeezer. If made in the morning ready for eating later in the day, switch the freezer to fast freeze mode and the ice cream should be frozen after 6 hours. The fast freeze setting is not required if freezing overnight.
FF Lime Ripple Luxury Ice Cream
Lime Ripple Luxury Ice Cream ready to serve.

Remove from the freezer 10-20 minutes prior to serving. As there are not any preservatives or additives added, it needs a little time to soften up, before scooping.

FF Lime Ripple Luxury Ice Cream
Lime Ripple Luxury Ice Cream 

Because coconut, lime chocolate, extra lime curd all compliment the lime beautifully, have fun and play around with toppings. Alternatively simply enjoy it as it is!

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Since creating recipes and sharing them is the heartbeat of Feasting is Fun. Therefore each recipe is always double checked. Most importantly is sharing tasty, consistent and reliable recipes that you can easily follow.

Whatever you are making, creating and baking in your kitchens, have fun creating your feast.

Sammie xx

Please do not copy any part of this post without my specific written agreement. See my Disclosure Policy

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  1. Very unique. Did you add more lime curd on top after scooping out the ice cream? Looks very pretty, and refreshing! Oh, and is condensed milk the sweetened variety?

    1. Thank you Mimi. Yes I drizzled a little extra lime curd, purely for photographic purposes! I’ve just double checked and yes it is sweetened condensed milk. In all honesty I hadn’t ever heard of it being referred to as anything other than condensed milk. O I’ve learned something new today! X

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