Autumn The Most Beautiful Season


Now there’s a question. Is Autumn The Most Beautiful Season?  The landscape becomes swathed in golds, red, crimson, every shade of yellow under the sun, which back lights the scene with its low, but still bright and warm presence in a pale blue sky.

Unexpected light, filtering through, defining the boughs and branches of trees previously concealed by their heavy adornment of late summer, deep green leaves.  Dappling light where shade had prevailed through the long summer months.

The vibrant green grass contrasts with tired, rusty oak leaves.
The vibrant green grass contrasts with tired, rusty oak leaves. Autumn has arrived.

I truly love Autumn.  The wind, the rain, the unexpected warm sunny day.  No longer Summer, but not the bleak or dark of winter.  The light plays reflective, hypnotic tricks on a pond, where ducks can still splish, splash and swim before Jack Frost freezes their playground and slipping and sliding prevail.

Can you spot the three white ducks?
Can you spot the three white ducks?

I love all seasons but Autumn colours draw me to them.  They are the natural palette of my wardrobe and suit my skin tone.  Earthy rusts, just the right side of shocking orange,  khaki greens call out to me from the countryside as well as the clothes rail.

Stunning. Autumn The Most Beautiful Season.

Warm soups, hearty casseroles, proper puddings.  My body naturally craves comforting food as the sun dips in the skies and the night time temperature falls away.  In the same way Summer demands cool, crisp salads, ice creams and long drinks packed with ice.  Autumn asks, gently at first, for an extra layer of clothing – removed during the midday warmth, but much needed come dusk – family feasting around a large table, torn bread, ready for dunking into thick, hearty soup.  Everyone chatting with ruddy cheeks aglow from the warmth of their surroundings.

Yes, I love Autumn.  Slow cooked Pot Roasts, simmering away, filling our home with inviting aromas. Apple and Blackberry Pie with ice cream AND custard! Big Sunday (sometimes Monday & Tuesday!) roasts walked off on a crisp afternoon, followed by a Baileys Coffee, snuggling on the sofa and watching a family film.

The tantalising hint of Christmas near, but far enough away not to worry.  Autumn feels very relaxed.  Even after a hefty storm, where trees are left bare and the landscape changed, overnight, still calm returns.

Jack Frost makes an appearance, but it’s beauty outweighs it’s inconvenience.  Spiders webs outlined in crisp white detail, look like still life.  Crisp, sharp outlines on the tips of leaves, portraying their beauty by the definition given.

Feathery fronds of ice crystals on the top of my car - breath taking.
Feathery fronds of ice crystals on the top of my car – breath taking.

We all seem to live such busy, hectic lives.  A week is now 24/7.  Even our language is shortened to describe the frenetic pace of life.  Autumn is no less busy, the squirrels are busy stashing and hoarding acorns and nuts to see them through the Winter.  Hedgehogs prepare to hibernate.  Some people celebrate the years harvest, giving thanks to God for His provision.

Me?  Well I look at the beauty of the ice crystal formation on my car roof and cannot begin to imagine that it evolved!  I see the beauty in a yellowing sky, heavy Cumulus clouds slowly drifting, dropping  their load as the rain lashes down.  The joy a small child (or even a grown adult) experiences crunching, welly boot clad, through piles of crisp fallen leaves, or splashing in puddles after the rain has subsided.  Watching for rainbows, will there be a pot of gold at the end?  Where is the end??

I give thanks to God the Creator, for the beauty of His Creation. For Autumn The Most Beautiful Season.

Until next time, take time to stop and admire the natural beauty around you.  It will inspire, relax, rejuvenate and calm you if you spare the time to really look.

Life is too beautiful to be lived in a rush.

Sammie x





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