FF Toffee Cookie Cups

Toffee Cookie Cups


Toffee Cookie Cups easily made from Wright’sBaking new cookie mix. Tasty toffee flavoured cookies, with pieces of real toffee in the dough, shaped into cups for you to add a scoop of your favourite ice cream!

FF Toffee Cookie Cups
Toffee Cookie Cups great with Chocolate Honeycomb Ice Cream.

It is a well established fact here on Feasting is Fun that there are two things I am passionate about. Sharing is integral to who I am as a person and I genuinely believe that food really does taste better when shared. Also I love cookies. Not just – oh ok I’ll bake a batch – I really love cookies. I start almost everyday with a cup of tea and a cookie or two, so when Wright’s sent me their new Toffee Cookie Mix, well I was ridiculously excited!

FF Toffee Cookie Cups
Toffee Cookie Cups – what will you fill yours with 😉

After a little discussion with Deb-the-bread, Wright’s very own jewel in their crown, I decided to have a go at making the new cookie mix into cookie cups. Let’s just be clear on something, I had never baked these cookies before. Never having attempted to bake cookie cups before this was a first. Since I had never baked a Wright’s cookie mix before – because I couldn’t, this IS their first cookie mix.

Due to the Toffee Cookie Mix only just having been released, stocks were super low and there wasn’t a spare mix for me to practise with! Ok so we all know I love a challenge. Time to put my trust in Wright’s reputation for making fabulous mixes and my ability to ‘wing it’! I mean I have baked a fair few thousand cookies in my lifetime.

FF Toffee Cookie Cups
Toffee Cookie Cups – a resounding success.

As you can see from the photos, I not only managed to make Toffee Cookie Cups, using Wright’s new Toffee Cookie Mix, they are also the perfect size for one scoop of ice cream. Easy to pick up with your hands and eat. Similar to an ice cream cone, except if the ice cream drips it is caught in the cup shape.

I cannot begin to explain how thrilled I was that I’d made cookie cups. Ridiculously so. More than that though, they taste ooh so good. I filled ours with Chocolate Honeycomb Ice Cream. 

However, you could use coffee, caramel, chocolate, banoffee, in fact any flavour that pairs well with toffee would work well in these gorgeous cookie cups.

Enough waffling you want to know how they’re made and I’m desperate to share how I made them with you!

Recipe: Makes 10 Toffee Cookie Cups 

1 Packet of Wright’s Baking new Toffee Cookie Mix – Note if you cannot get hold of the mix use my Caramac Caramel Cookies recipe.

Vegetable Oil or Butter – I used butter & would recommend it for making the cookies into cups, simply because it firms up on coolinf, helping to give the cups rigidity,

Cake release spray, oil or butter for greasing the bun tin.

Method: Preheat the oven to the temperature recommended on the packet.

To make these Toffee Cookie Cups you will need a regular 12 hole fairy cake – NOT MUFFIN – tin.

FF Toffee Cookie Cups
I find it is always better to have everything I need to hand before I start baking.
  • Make up the Toffee Cookie Mix according to the packet instructions – I actually melted the butter.
  • Stir to combine the cookie mixture.
FF Toffee Cookie Cups
The Toffee Cookie dough.
  • Grease all of your fairy cake tin, not just the holes – I used cake release spray as I wanted to be sure these wouldn’t stick, I would advise brushing the whole tin lightly with vegetable oil.
  • Divide the cookie dough into 10 equal-ish sized balls.
FF Toffee Cookie Cups
The dough ball size and pressed out cookie cups.
  • Place a cookie dough ball into one of the fairy tin holes. Gently with your fingers press it into the hole and sides so that it is equal thickness all the way around. Ensure that you press the dough into the bottom of the tin so that it has a definite base.
  • Continue for the remaining cookie dough balls.
  • When all the cookie cups have been moulded place the tin in the middle of the oven and bake for 12-14 minutes. Mine took 14 minutes.
  • The Cookie Cups will puff up whist cooking DON’T PANIC!!
  • When golden brown and baked remove the tin from the oven.
FF Toffee Cookie Cups
Beautifully golden with a wonderful toffee smell, Toffee Cookie Cups.
  • Place the tin on a cooling rack and allow the cookie cups to cool in the tin as the cookies/cookie cups harden on cooling.
  • As the cookie cups cool slightly, very gently press the slightly puffed up base down.
  • Once the cookie cups are cooled remove them from the pan – mine came away easily, if yours are proving stubborn use a small palette knife to run between the top of the cookie cup and where it lays flat on the tin, this should loosen them.

Congratulations you have made 10 fantastic Toffee Cookie Cups!

To serve, add a scoop of your favourite ice cream, share and enjoy.

FF Toffee Cookie Cups
Toffee Cookie Cups already tasted by me!!!

Such an easy yet fantastic way to enjoy Wright’s new Toffee Cookie Mix. I have a couple more ideas but I will have to wait for more stock.

The Toffee Cookie Cups keep for up to 5 days in an airtight container.

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FF Toffee Cookie Cups
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FF Toffee Cookie Cups
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FF Toffee Cookie Cups
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These Toffee Cookie Cups are a fun and delicious way to eat ice cream anytime of the year, but especially when it’s hot and we all need a little cooling down.

Whatever you are making and baking in your kitchens I hope you are having fun and remember to stash a couple of packets of Wright’s Toffee Cookie Mix in the cupboard. They take under 20 minutes to make and bake and are perfect for unexpected guests, or for when the urge for great cookies hits!

Sammie xx

Wright’s Baking  sent me a packet of their new Toffee Cookie Mix to try. I was not paid, or even asked to write this post. All opinions, views, content and photographs are my own. Please see my Disclosure Policy.


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  1. Those cookie cups are just the cutest little things ever!!! Wrights isn’t something that I’ve seen over here in the U.S. – will try to find online. 🙂 Thanks for a great recipe! I made some similar cookies back about 6 months ago – but they puffed up completely out of the baking cups. My cooking experiment went south on that one. 🙂 LOve that yours turned out perfectly!

    1. Hi Wendi I will check to see if they export or are available through Amazon. If not maybe my Caramac Caramel Cookies may work. Thank you for always being an encouragement to me. Sammie xx

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