F Fruity Orange Waffles

Fruity Orange Waffles


Today is National Waffle Day – as if we need a special day to eat delicious waffles – right šŸ˜‰? So in the true spirit of Feasting is Fun, I decided to test Wright’s Baking new Orange Cake Mix out in my waffle maker. Oh boy are you going to be glad I did. These Fruity Orange Waffles are simply amazing!

FF Fruity Orange Waffles
Fruity Orange Waffles delicious with ice cream.

Not only are they an absolute whizz to make – literally 2 minutes and you’ve got Fruity Orange Waffles batter ready to go, they cook beautifully in the waffle maker.

FF Fruity Orange Waffles
Fruity Orange Waffles an easy, delicious treat!

We had these for brunch this morning and I was so pleased I didn’t have to cook. Ok I switched the waffle maker on see Andrew James Waffle Maker Review, but it didn’t take long to cook 9 waffles from one packet of mx. Plenty for the four of us, oh and with a tub of homemade Very Vanilla Ice Cream, fresh oranges and strawberries. We had a Feast!

FF Fruity Orange Waffles
Fruity Orange Waffles perfect any time of the year.

It is now 30C outside – at least!

We may well be having waffles for dinner if the house gets any hotter!!

Recipe: Fruity Orange Waffles makes 8-10

1 Orange Cake Mix Packet from Wright’s Baking

100g Melted Unsalted Butter – cooled

200mls Tap Water

Method: Prepare your waffle maker according to it’s manufacturer’s instructions.

  • With my waffle maker I brush the cold waffle plates with cooled, melted butter, prior to heating, hence the additional butter in the recipe.
  • Switch the waffle maker on and allow to fully heat, until the ready light comes on.
  • Whilst the waffle maker is heating up, in a medium bowl add 200mls of water and 60mls of melted butter.
  • Next add the Orange Cake Mix and stir until the batter appears smooth – note, the cake batter has pieces of fruit in it so there will be small lumps, that is normal.
FF Fruity Orange Waffles
This is how the waffle/cake batter will look.
  • When the waffle maker is ready, remembering to protect your hands with oven gloves, open it and spoon a dessert spoon (like the spoon in the picture above) in the centre of each waffle plate.
  • Close the waffle maker and cook for exactly 4 minutes. It really is worth setting a timer, especially if in four minutes you get little jobs done in the kitchen! Just sayin’ I’ve not burnt a waffle yet – for a reason šŸ˜‰.
  • After 4 minutes open the waffle maker (again protect yourself with gloves). The waffles will be fully cooked but not hard.
FF Fruity Orange Waffles
Fully cooked Fruity Orange Waffles ready to be removed from the waffle maker.
  • I use a wooden spatula to gently lift the waffle from the waffle maker. The Fruity Orange Waffles harden slightly on cooling and can easily be picked up by hand – just in case you want to try it dunked in your coffee/hot chocolate šŸ˜‰.
  • Repeat the process of spooning batter on to the waffle plates until it is all used up.
  • Top Tip: I would much rather have a waffle with slightly frilled edges, where not quite enough batter has been added, than a perfectly square one with waffle batter oozing out of the side of the waffle maker. I got lucky with the waffles I made, cleaning gooey, stuck waffle batter is no fun!
FF Fruity Orange Waffles
Fruity Orange Waffles add ice cream, fresh fruit and your imagination!

These delicious Fruity Orange Waffles can be served warm or cold. They will keep for up to 3 days in an airtight container and can be popped in the toaster to warm up.

I like to serve these with cold vanilla ice cream and plenty of fresh fruit. You choose how to serve yours. They are deliciously light with delightful pieces of fruit that lend texture and extra flavour. If you like waffles you will love these.

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FF Fruity Orange Waffles
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FF Fruity Orange Waffles
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FF Fruity Orange Waffles
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Waffles are such an amazingly fun food. They can be sweet or savoury and topped with a myriad of different things. Let your imagination run wild and make waffles. Not just because it is National Waffle Day, but because they are so much fun and so tasty!!

Sammie xx

Wright’s BakingĀ  provided me with the cake mix to make these waffles. All opinions, views, content and photography are my own. I was not paid to write this post please see my Disclosure Policy.


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