FF 1886 Cola Franklins New Drink Review

1886 Cola Franklins New Drink Review


Summer is here! Gorgeous sunny days, or warm, cloudy, humid days. We all need to keep hydrated and especially drink lots of cooling, refreshing drinks. So can you imagine how excited I am to bring you a brand new drink. In keeping with the rest of their soft drinks, this too is free from artificial additives and preservatives. Welcome to the 1886 Cola Franklins New Drink Review.

FF 1886 Cola Franklins New Drink Review
1886 Cola Franklins New Drink Review ice cold.

Since trying a sip of a major brand cola a few years ago, I have avoided it at all costs. While I’m not quite sure what happened between my teens and now, it absolutely affected my taste buds. Too sweet. Way too sweet and never would I consider drinking a diet version with all it’s Aspartame. So, in response I drink sparkling water. Refreshing but, at times, a bit boring. Until now!

FF 1886 Cola Franklins New Drink Review
1886 Cola Franklins New Drink Review taking the bar outside.

What a revelation this new 1886 Cola with West African Kola nut and Colombian coffee bean is! On tasting, this drink definitely rings the familiar Cola bells. Yet the overwhelming sweetness is missing, as is the bitter, can’t quite put a finger on it, aftertaste that is present in most Cola drinks, diet or not. Resulting in a pure Cola flavour that leaves one’s mouth clean, refreshed and thirst quenched.

FF 1886 Cola Franklins New Drink Review
1886 Cola Franklins New Drink Review prepare the glasses.

Rum and Cola is a classic combination that is even better using this new 1886 Cola. The hint of caramel and ginger, barely perceptible on its own, blend beautifully with a great quality rum. Appleton Signature Blend over ice with Franklin and Son’s  1886 Cola is completely delicious. If you enjoy Rum and Cola I urge you to give both of these drinks combined, a try. Disappointment will not be a problem.

FF Cola Franklins New Drink Review
1886 Cola with Appleton Rum Signature Blend.

While the summer weather continues to be warm, enjoying a drink outside becomes an extra pleasure. Sitting in the garden, listening to the birds chirping, drink in hand is a great way to relax.

FF 1886 Cola Franklins New Drink Review
Plenty of ice, Cola and a maraschino cherry is my favourite.

At 40 calories per 100ml, with the perfect balance of sweetness, a diet version of this Cola is most definitely not needed. Chilled and poured over ice, with the addition of one, or two maraschino cherries is my favourite way to enjoy this drink. Great on its own or as a mixer, this Cola is available in larger 750ml bottles from Sainsbury’s.

Franklin’s are known for their natural approach to creating outstanding soft drinks and mixers. Why not ask for it next time you are out at a pub or club. More establishments are stocking the Franklin’s range. How great is it to sit in a beer garden, on a sunny afternoon and treat your kids to a great tasting drink that isn’t full of additives?

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FF Cola Franklins New Drink Review
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FF 1886 Cola Franklins New Drink Review
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Delicious, refreshing, natural soft drinks from a name I have learned to trust and enjoy.

I hope you have fun in the sun this summer. Baking, creating, picnicking and chilling in the garden with those you love.

Sammie xx

Franklin and Son’s provided me with samples of their new 1886 Cola for the purposes of a review. This post reflects my honest opinion of the drink that I reviewed. All opinions, content including photography are my own. I was not paid to write this post. Please see my Disclosure Policy for further information. No part of this post may be reproduced without my written consent.


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    1. Thank you for your comment Belinda. My drink of choice growing up was Malibu! What I love about this cola is how refreshing and thirst quenching it is, on it’s own. X

    1. Thank you Susan. This review was so enjoyable to carry out. It’s been lovely finding a Cola that is natural, without preservatives added. Xx

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