MD Lime Couscous

Lime Couscous

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Today I have the easiest, most delicious and versatile side dish for you, my Lime Couscous.

MD Lime Couscous
Lime Couscous the perfect side dish to compliment your main dish.

Since this is full of fresh lime flavour and so easy to make, it will soon become part of your repertoire.

MD Lims Couscous
Lime Couscous fresh parsley and lime slices give this dish the finishing touch.

For those of you who have not yet tried couscous, let me explain what it is. Couscous are tiny pieces of dried pasta and unless labelled otherwise it is NOT gluten free.

Due to it being so small it doesn’t even need cooking. Rather, it simply needs rehydrating with hot liquid.

How easy is that ??!!

MD Lime Couscous
Lime Couscous pairs beautifully with this Morrocan Lamb Stew.

I developed this recipe for Lime Couscous to specifically partner my Morrocan Lamb Stew. It is absolutely delicious with the stew. Balancing the fruity, spicey sauce, with its own tangy, citrus flavour.

Because couscous can be served at room temperature it is absolutely perfect for buffets and barbecues. It’s fresh lime flavour pairs really well with fish, chicken, lamb kebabs – really the possibilities are endless. I cannot wait to try it with my Chunky Chilli.

Recipe: Lime Couscous serves 6 people.

300g/11oz Dried Couscous – allow 50g/2oz per person

2 Limes

1 Vegetable Stock Cube – I use Knorr’s

Boiling Water

Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste

Method – Making Lime Couscous 

Note – Do not stir the Couscous at any point.

First of all, weigh out the couscous into a large, heatproof bowl.

Dissolve the stock cube in a jug of boiling water, approx 450mls/1 pint.

Squeeze the juice of one and a half limes and add this to the couscous.

Pour the stock over the couscous and top up with boiling water so that the liquid comes 2.5cm/1″ above the top of the couscous.

Cover the bowl with cling film, or I used a plate and leave for 15 minutes.

After this time the couscous will have absorbed all of the hot liquid.

MD Lime Couscous
The couscous has absorbed all of the stock and lime juice.

Remove the cling film/ plate.

Using a fork, fluff up the couscous, like you would with rice,

MD Lime Couscous
Fluff the couscous with a fork.

Taste the Lime Couscous and check for seasoning, add as necessary.

Finally, roughly chop a large handful of parsley leaves. Add these to the couscous and transfer to a serving dish.

Add a final touch by popping a few slices of lime to the couscous and a final sprinkle of parsley leaves on the top.

MD Lime Couscous
Lime Couscous – what will you serve it with?

It really is that simple to make this dish!

Since Spring is now here and the promise of warmer days beckoning, this Lime Couscous is the perfect dish to serve, as it can sit at room temperature, not taking up fridge or oven space.

Also, although it is perfectly fine eaten hot, I much prefer it slightly warm.

However you serve this Lime Couscous, it will be enjoyed and feasted on, simply because it tastes so delicious.

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I absolutely love to see what you are cooking, baking and making. Please pop a photo on Twitter/Instagram and tag me in, I’ll be sure to give you a shout out or re-tweet!

Whatever you are making in your kitchen, make a little extra and invite someone round for dinner. Food always tastes better when it’s shared!

Sammie xx

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