FF Strawberry Whipped Cream Giant Doughnut

Strawberry Whipped Cream Giant Doughnut


Ooh this Strawberry Whipped Cream Giant Doughnut has been made twice now, once using regular flour and then using gluten free flour. Nobody could tell the difference! Delicious, light vanilla sponge, sandwiched with strawberry jam, whipped cream and topped with chocolate piped strawberries.

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Piping the strawberries with white and dark chocolate takes this cake to the next level in terms of prettiness. That said, beautiful, lush summer strawberries, left un piped would still look fabulous.

FF Strawberry Whipped Cream Giant Doughnut
Strawberry Whipped Cream Giant Doughnut such a pretty cake.

Having made this cake with both whipped cream and whipped buttercream, I have to say we all preferred the whipped cream. I have given quantities for buttercream in the recipe for those who prefer it.

I don’t know about you, but I love making the most of our delicious, homegrown, seasonal strawberries in summer. Yes I am guilty of buying the occasional punnet of imported ones during the colder months. With the invention of poly tunnels and huge greenhouses, we are increasingly able to buy British grown berries over a longer period. Thank you farmers!

Large, baked doughnut filled with whipped cream and decorated with chocolate strawberries.
Strawberry Whipped Cream Giant Doughnut

Going Gluten Free

As you can see from the photographs there is no real visual difference between the gluten free and regular Strawberry Whipped Cream Giant Doughnut. Only the size of the strawberries! The ones in the photo above were huge, which made them easier to pipe. Whereas the smaller ones were more tricky. If possible choose longer strawberries as they look more effective with the piping on. That said, I’d definitely choose flavour over size any day. The strawberries above may have been big, but they were also utterly delicious!

How do I tell if they are going to taste good? I smell them. If the punnet smells of warm summer strawberries they will taste delicious, however, if you can barely detect that delicious strawberry smell, move on as they will be bland.

Both of these giant doughnuts were made to go with afternoon tea and they were a huge hit. So, whether you are on a restricted diet or not, you can make this Strawberry Whipped Cream Giant Doughnut and feast!

Recipe: Strawberry Whipped Cream Giant Doughnut serves 8-10

225g/8oz  Plain White Flour – or gluten free flour I used Doves Farm

2tsp Baking Powder – ensure certified gluten free

225g/8oz Unsalted Butter at room temperature – plus a little extra for greasing the silicone doughnut moulds.

225g/8oz Caster Sugar

1/4tsp Salt I use Maldon

5 Large Free Range Eggs

1tsp Vanilla Bean Paste – or Vanilla Extract – I use Nielsen-Massey

10 Good Quality Strawberries

2tbsp Good Quality Strawberry Jam – I used Hartleys Best Strawberry Jam

300mls Cold Double Cream – alternatively for buttercream use 300g/11oz icing sugar and 150g/5oz butter and a drop of vanilla extract

50g/2oz White Chocolate

50g/2oz Dark Chocolate

Optional – edible glitter

Method: Preheat the oven to 160C/140C fan, gas mark 3

Making The Cake Batter And Baking The Doughnut

  • Grease both the silicone doughnut moulds thoroughly with butter. Place on a large baking tray.
  • Into a large bowl add the butter, sugar and salt.
  • Whisk/beat for a good few minutes – 5 minutes ideally – until pale and creamy.
  • Add in the vanilla bean paste (or extract) and beat until incorporated.
  • Next add all 5 eggs. Continue whisking/beating until the mixture is pale and creamy. If the mix looks as though it has split (curdled) add 1 tablespoon of the weighed flour, continue mixing and it will pull back together.
  • Sift in the flour (gluten free or regular) and the baking powder.
  • Fold in the flour until just combined.
  • Divide the batter equally between the 2 doughnut moulds.

FF Strawberry Whipped Cream Giant Doughnut

    These silicone doughnut moulds from Lakeland are so easy to use.
  • Place the baking tray into the centre of the oven and bake for 30-40 minutes.
  • The sponge is baked when it is a golden colour and springs back when lightly pressed – note – the gluten free doughnut was slightly paler than the regular doughnut, this is nothing to worry about.
  • As soon as they are baked remove the baking tray from the oven and allow the doughnuts to cool for 10 minutes before turning them out on to a cooling rack.
FF Strawberry Whipped Cream Giant Doughnut
Leave the doughnut halves to cool completely on the rack.

Filling And Decorating The Doughnut

  • Whilst the doughnut’s are cooling, break up the white and dark chocolate and place into separate heatproof, microwaveable bowls. Zap until just melting and stir until completely melted. Fill 2 small disposable piping bags with each melted chocolate. Snip off the very end, leaving a small hole. Place the strawberries on baking parchment or a silicone mat placed on a baking tray (helpful if you need to move them). Pipe some with white chocolate zig zags and others the same using dark chocolate. Allow to set, in hot weather pop in the fridge for a few minutes to set.
  • When completely cooled place one doughnut half, flat side up on to a board or plate.
  • Whisk the cream (or icing sugar/butter/vanilla) until it holds its shape (or until the buttercream is pale and creamy).
  • Spoon the strawberry jam on to the base of the doughnut and spread so that it almost reaches the edges.
  • Fill a disposable piping bag, fitted with a large star tip, with the cream/buttercream.
  • Pipe some cream on top of the jam.
FF Strawberry Whipped Cream Giant Doughnut
Strawberry Whipped Cream Giant Doughnut – luscious swirls of cream inside the doughnut!
  • Place the other half of the doughnut, flat side down, on top of the base.
  • Pipe swirls of cream/buttercream around the doughnut and then pipe stars around the centre, on the side.
  • Top the swirls with chocolate piped strawberries and sprinkle with edible glitter.
FF Strawberry Whipped Cream Giant Doughnut
Beautiful swirls of whipped cream are topped with chocolate piped strawberries.

Serving The Giant Doughnut

Make sure you take a photo of your beautiful Strawberry Whipped Cream Giant Doughnut, as once it is assembled I can guarantee that it will not last long!

I have specified more strawberries in the recipe than you see on the cake. This is so that everyone gets a delicious, chocolate piped strawberry with their slice.

Served with a proper cup of tea, I can think of no better way than feasting on this delicious treat any afternoon.

I bought the giant doughnut silicone mould from Lakeland at a silly price in the sale. That said, they are so much fun, I’d happily pay full price for one!

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The idea of Afternoon Tea really appeals to me. Even if I can’t be fussed to make finger sandwiches and the like, making a treat for Sunday afternoon, where we sit down and enjoy as a family, is becoming a tradition.

Quite often I will bake the cake/giant doughnut on the Saturday, ready for icing the following day. We give a lot of the sweet treats that I make away. Primarily because as a family we love sharing, we are also conscious of our health too.

If you have family traditions I’d love to hear about them. Leave a comment for me to read in the comments section?

Whatever you are making, baking and creating in your kitchens, have fun preparing and sharing your feast.

Sammie xx

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